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Radio Frequency

Radio frequency (RF) is used to tighten, firm and sculpt the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, RF energy is directed into the skin via an optical gel which is applied before treatment. This heats the lower layers of your skin without having to pass directly through the surface skin so that skin is optimally protected.


The heat being delivered to the lower layers is absorbed by water molecules present in this area, it is ideal to use on the face before or after a course of our REWIND and Osmosis creams (see our products page) as this will increase the water contact in the skin. The water molecules then begin to vibrate from the energy delivered causing additional frictional heat.

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The brain then interprets this heat as being a perceived threat/potential injury and the body responds to this by stimulating collagen with the further benefit of tightening elastin fibres.


The result of RF treatment is tighter, firmer, younger looking skin. The excitation of the water molecules leaves skin feeling fresh and youthful, the water molecules also allow for optimal oxidation of the skin. Oxygen stimulation below the skin surface promotes skin health (it has been known to help with acne and scarring) in addition to the lifting and tightening that the technology is most well known for.

Works well on its own, but when used along side Liquid Lipo to body sculpt results can be doubled.


30-60 minutes




Although multiple session me be required

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