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Our HyaLook™ Pen comes with two-in-one (0.3ml & 0.5ml ampoules) interchangeable heads.  This needleless device uses high pressure to inject hyaluronic acid and other mesotherapy and fat dissolve serums into the skin to enhance, sculp, or fill your target areas.  The HyaLook™ Pen was designed with the latest technology on the market in 2020.  This less invasive technology alleviates needle phobia and discomfort by using needle-free, high-pressure technology with an extremely quick injection rate of approximately 0.3 seconds.  The HyaLook™ Pen injects serum into the epidermal and upper dermal skin layers, approximately 6-8mm deep, through a 0.17mm hole which is two times smaller than a needle.  It’s operated by a self-powered spring and stainless-steel piston, giving the HyaLook™ Pen a long life with low maintenance.  The application is safe with very few contraindications.   

Hyalook Hyaluron Pen

  • -Two-in-one interchangeable: 0.3ml & 0.5ml heads included 
    -Dimension: 6.5”x1.375” 
    -Weight: Approx~ 0.9lbs 
    -Injection Volume: 0.05ml-0.5ml 

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