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The newest most powerful model on the market! Dr. Pen™ ULTIMA-M8-Wireless “Pro-kit with Multi-tips” Auto Microneedle System 

Our Dr. Pen™ ULTIMA-M8-Wireless “Professional kit with Multiple tips” Auto Microneedle System is the newest most powerful model on the market!  It has a digital display with Six Speeds ranging from 8000-22000rpm.  Battery and/or cord operated.  It is lightweight, compact, and has an ergonomical grip for precise placement. 

We also selected the Best M8 Cartridges to include in our “Professional Kit with Multiple tips” It comes with 4 interchangeable disposable heads- two 16 Pin M8 Cartridges, one 42 Pin M8 Cartridge, and one Round Nano M8 Cartridge.  No other company offers this broad spectrum of cartridges.  This is why we named our Dr. pen™ ULTIMA-M8-Wireless the “Pro-Kit with Multi-tips”! It encompasses all procedures that Professionals would use to treat everything from acne scaring with the 16 Pin Cartridge to deep pits, spots, skin tightening, wrinkles, hair loss, rejuvenation, eye bags and crow’s feet with the 42 PIN Cartridge, and whitening, hydration, dark circles, and BB Glow with the Round Nano Cartridge. Additionally, this devise can use 11, 16, 24, 36, 42 Pin’s, and Nano- 5D, 3D, Round Cartridges.  Great news is you don’t need to be a medical professional to use our “Pro-kit with Multi-tips”!

Dr. Pen™ ULTIMA-M8-Wireless “Pro-kit with Multi-tips” Auto Microneedle

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